Biochemical Analyzer AE-600P
Biochemical Analyzer AE-600P

Biochemical Analyzer AE-600P

AE-600P is compactly designed semi-automatic biochemical analyzer. We proudly introduce a well thought-out & user-friendly interface and offer more accurate analysis through high precision in optical parts, that are materialized by our long-year experience as a manufacturer of biochemical analyzers.
Spectrophotometric type with a built-in concave mirror. Arbitrary setting for wavelength between 340nm and 999nm.

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نماینده انحصاری erma ژاپن

توضیحات محصول

  1. Easy operation Adopting a 4.3 inch color touch panel for easy & intuitive operation.
  2. up to 120 parameters Maximum 120 measurement items and measurement conditions are stored.
  3. Compact Design

    The device is more compact than our conventional product, equipping a smaller pump & optical parts. With the shorter distance from the sample suction nozzle to the micro flow cell & the small cell volume eliminate the influence of carryover even with very small amount of sample.

اطلاعات بیشتر

Measuring Items :

WBC : Number of white blood cells
LY : Number & rate of lymphocyte
MO : Number & rate of monocyte
GR : Number & rate of granulocyte
RBC : Number of red blood cells
HGB : Hemoglobin conc.
HCT : Hematocrit rate
MCV : Mean corpuscular volume
MCH : Mean corpuscular hemoglobin
MCHC : Mean corpuscular hemoglobin conc.
RDW : RBC distribution width
PLT : Number of platelet
MPV : Mean platelet volume
PDW : Platelet distribution width
PCT : Plateletcrit value

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